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Brand of high-quality clothing for women, in elegant chic styles, entirely handmade in Italy by local, highly experienced artisans. All our exclusive dresses are made in limited quantities, from eco-friendly fibers, including organic cotton, linen, hemp, and bamboo. Private Label available to qualified partners

Magione (Perugia)

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Brand of chic clothing for woman, including elegant dresses, sweaters, and T-shirts, enriched by beautiful colorful printed patterns, especially in the spring-summer collection. All clothes are entirely made in Italy using the best materials. Private Label available,

Cardano al Campo (Varese)

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italy-high_fashion-women_garments2-(sm) made_in_italy-classic_clothing-chic_clothes-(sm)

Luxury Brand True Italy products

Manufacturer of high-quality tailor-like elegant clothing for women, including jackets and coats, also for curvy sizes. All clothes are handmade in Italy by local skilled workers, using the most beautiful fabrics and accessories. Private Label available

Succivo (Caserta)
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Manufacturer of a broad range of high-quality women's clothing in elegant-chic styles, including elegant dresses, trousers, skirts and jackets. All clothes are entirely made in Italy by experienced workers, using the finest fabrics and accessories. We master private label service at best

Mozzecane (Verona)


Manufacturer of elegant-chic clothing for women, with models designed after the best Italian style. All dresses are entirely made in italy by skilled local workers. Private label and new collection development services

Albano Laziale (Roma)

True Italy products

Atelier designing and manufacturing gorgeous, elegant women's clothing, including superb dresses, jackets, skirts, sweaters, and shirts. All clothes are handmade in Italy by highly skilled local tailors. Boutiques can ask for bespoke or made-to-measure dresses, as well as for Private Label. Very low minimum quantities

Reggio Emilia
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italian-clothin-ast fashion
made in italy-clothin-clothin
made in italy-clothin-ast fashion


Brand of high-quality chic women's wear, offering a "Total Look" solution combining fantastic dresses with jackets, outerwear, blouses, skirts and trousers. All clothes are entirely manufactured in Italy, using the finest fabrics and accessories. Serving resellers of premium or better elegant women's wear

Cernusco sul Naviglio (Milano)
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italian-women_garments-women_dresses-(sm) italy-fashion_wholesellers-women_dresses-(sm)

Luxury Brand

Brand and manufacturer of luxury, elegant women's wear, including beautiful dresses and special chic clothes for girls. Exclusive models entirely handmade in Italy by skilled local tailors, experienced in manufacturing for top fashion brands. High-end clothing for upscale boutiques

Soleto (Lecce)
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italy-women_dresses-women_garments-(sm) made_in_italy-pretaporter-pretaporter-(sm)


Manufacturer of high-quality, chic dresses and clothing for women, made from pure natural fibers. Our elegant clothes are made in Italy by local skilled workers. We offer fantastic outfits in curvy sizes too. Private label available

Spilamberto (Modena)

italian-women_garments-women_dresses-(sm) italian-high_fashion-fashion_wholesellers-(sm)


Brand of quality women's wear designed following modern chic styles for women aged 30 - 50. All clothes and dresses, including those with comfort sizes for curvy ladies, are entirely made in Italy. Private Label available

Prato ()

made_in_italy-fashion_wholesellers-classic_clothing-(sm) italian-fashion_wholesellers-fashion_wholesellers-(sm)


Brand of "minimal chic" women's wear entirely made in Italy in limited quantities. "Total look" collection with exclusive models designed along the latest elegant styles. Great choice for boutiques.


italy-wholesale_brands-classic_clothing-(sm) italy-fashion_wholesellers-pretaporter-(sm)

Luxury Brand

ABAT MI is the B2B online shop dedicated to a new experience in the world of fashion and luxury, which includes the most successful brands, emerging designers and the most innovative designers in just one click.


made_in_italy-women_dresses-chic_clothes-(sm) italian-classic_clothing-chic_clothes-(sm)


Manufacturer of any kind of high quality women's clothing, including fantastic dresses, jackets, blouses, trousers, skirts, tops. Working only on behalf of fashion companies or designers looking for a skilled manufacturing or Private Label service. The whole production is made in italy by local highly trained personnel

Manerbio (Brescia)


Fashion and classic women's wear


italian-couture-classic_clothing-(sm) italian-pret-a-porter-couture-(sm)


Brand of quality women's wear in elegant styles, including nice dresses, trousers, coats, blouses and leather jackets, enriched by fashionable accessories. All clothes are entirely made in Italy. Great experience in Private Label service

Cornate d'Adda (Monza-Brianza)

made_in_italy-knitted_clothing-luxury_sweaters-(sm) italy-lady_knitwear-lady_knitwear-(sm)


Manufacturer of high quality women's clothes, for both fall-winter and spring-summer, available in elegant chic styles. All women's wear is entirely made in Italy by skilled local workers, using the finest fibers and accessories. Private Label available for qualified partners


made in italy-jeans-gent clothing-(sm) made in italy-women attire-men apparel-(sm)
italian-urbanwear-men suits-(sm)


Manufacturer of high quality casualwear and sportswear for women, with great experience in fashion trousers and blue jeans. Besides its own "made in Italy" products, it is a specialist in offering a full Private label service

Pianezze (Vicenza)

italy-fashion_wholesellers-couture-(sm) italy-pret-a-porter-pret-a-porter-(sm)


Brand of high quality elegant women's wear offering really exclusive models for women willing to dress something different. All our chic clothes are entirely made in Italy by skilled personnel, using top quality fabrics and accessories. Private Label and collection development services available

Pianoro (Bologna)

made in italy-clothing-clothing
made in italy-ceremony-ceremony


Brand of a "total look" line of women's clothing featuring a slim fit, including jackets, coats, blouses, trousers and sweaters. All our trendy clothes are manufactured in Italy, using high quality special fabrics

Castelfiorentino (Firenze)


Manufacturer of high-quality elegant women's wear, including dresses, jackets, trousers, winter coats, and ceremony dresses. All women clothes are entirely made in Italy by local workers, using the finest fabrics and accessories. Experienced with Private Label, serving famous fashion brands

Bronte (Catania)

italy-women_garments-fashion_wholesellers-(sm) italian-classic_clothing-pret-a-porter-(sm)


Brand of chic women's wear entirely manufactured in Italy and designed along the latest fashion trends. All clothing is available in sizes for curvy women, including dresses, coats, blouses, sweaters and tops.


italy-women_dresses-high_fashion2-(sm) made_in_italy-ceremony_dresses-ceremony-(sm)


Brand of high quality elegant women's wear offering a comprehensive range of dresses, jackets, pants and skirts in modern chic styles. All of our exclusive clothes are designed and manufactured in Italy using the finest fabrics and accessories


italy-pretaporter-women_garments-(sm) italy-pret-a-porter-women_dresses-(sm)


Brand and manufacturer of chic women's wear in a large assortment of coats, jackets, pants, cardigans, blouses, skirts, and dresses. All clothes are manufactured in Italy, using top-quality fabrics and accessories. Great experience in Private Label

Pradelle di Nogarole Rocca (Verona)

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